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History of PBRC

Pacific Banner Riding Club is a peaceful equestrian facility located in Richmond, on No. 3 road. Established only ten minutes away from Richmond center, we are the primary choice of many amateur horse riders due to our convenient location and premium services.

The club was a family business for a majority of its existence, spanning over a few generations. Since 2006 we have trained thousands of riders, and have raised hundreds of horses as well. While we provide common services such as casual and professional equestrianism, we also facilitate services for horse management, such as horse training and renting/selling. PBRC is equipped with two professional outdoor and indoor equestrian venues, saddle rooms, a horse hospital, as well as free-range areas which all are on par with international competitors.

At PBRC we own a selection of horses in all different ages and skill levels that are suitable for teaching, training, and competing purposes. We are able to cater to a wide variety of members. From horses that have undergone professional training and testing to meet our customer’s specific needs, we also offer lovely ponies for the younger beginners, between the ages of 5 and 15 – to create a wonderful and memorable experience for all kids!

British Equestrianism

Britain played a massive role in influencing modern horse racing. In the United Kingdom, the horse was a symbol of nobility, and equestrianism was viewed as a form of fashionable art. There is such a deep respect for these gallant animals that they are commonly used for special occasions such as weddings, commemorations, and anniversaries. Important sporting events include the British Three Crown, the Emperor Championship, and July Cup, which all takes three days to complete.

Horse riding promotes balance, coordination, motor function, and also a number of health benefits such as strengthened muscles, heightened reflexes, increased joint mobility, boosted cardiovascular system, and improved special perception. Moreover, riding bolsters confidence, discipline, patience, and responsibility.