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Safety rules and procedures

Approaching the horse and holding the halter

Horse grooming, feet maintenance

Taking up


Basic movements while mounted (stop, change direction)

Calming the horse and removing its equipment

(Optional) Raising and feeding horses


Different riding positions

Elementary pattern riding

(Optional) Face/leg marking


Intermediate pattern riding


Hunter jumping

Equine Boarding

Pacific Banner Riding Club offers horse training and fosterage for all members. Each horse’s accommodations are all determined by skilled and experienced trainers. In terms of training, we are able to correct poor walking posture as well as negative habits so it will be more obedient to its owner. The horse’s welfare matters to us. In addition to a 45000ft² property for up to 50 horses to relax and enjoy, we further offer 24-hour veterinary and trainer services.


We will closely follow your ideal horse’s specifications, narrowed down to the age, size, and colour. We will help you find the perfect riding companion you have been dreaming about here at Pacific Banner Riding Club. As you equine needs change so does the need for a new horse. We would love to take ownership of horse these providing years of enjoyment to another owner who will treat and care for your horse just like you did. For more information, please contact our Support Team via the website or email.